ESOK-hanke 2006-2011

Good accessibility practices for teaching and studying

National seminar 16.-17.4. in Tampere

    Seminar offers an opportunity for sharing good practices and networking for teachers, councellors, students and everyone who is interested in accessibility and studying.

    The seminar language is Finnish but the lecture held by Alison Cox (16.4.2008 at 10.30 - 12.00), and the workshop 5 Inclusive teaching is good practice & What every student should know of inclusion are held in English.

    Seminar begins with greetings from Ministry of Education in The University of Tampere, building Pinni B on Wednesday 16th of April at 10.00. After that, Alison Cox from Scotland gives a presentation of inclusion and opens the work of the two-day workshops.

    The seminar program in printed form:


    Wednesday 16.04.08

    9.00-10.00 Morning coffee.

    10.00-10.30 Opening words from Ministry of Educaion, Pinni B1096.

    10.30-11.45 Lecture, Alison Cox, Pinni B1096.

    11.15-12.00 Debriefing of the survey Good accissibility practices in HEIs, ESOK-project, Pinni B1096.

    12.00-13.00 Lunch (at your own expence).

    13.00-15.00 Workshops.

    15.00-15.30 Coffee.

    15.30-16.00 Round-up of workshops, LS B1096.

    Seminar party at 18.00-22.00, Restaurant Minerva, Pinni B.

    18.00-19.00 Dinner.

    19-20 Entertainment.

    20-22 Conversation and networking.

    Thursday 17.04.08

    9.30-10.30 Lecture, Pinni A1081.

    10.30-12.00 Workshops.

    12.00-13.00 Lunch (at your own expence).

    13.00-14.30 Workshops continue.

    14.30-15.00 Closure of seminar, Pinni B3107.

    15.00-15.30 Coffee.

    Finnish sign language translator and writing translator as well as an assistant available on lectures.

    Workshop themes

    The idea of workshops is to work and develope guidelines for promoting equal possibilities for studying. The work is based on short presentations and conversation in the workgroups.

    1. Mental helth and good practices

    • Tutor Eija Rautakorpi from Finnish Central Association for Mental Health.
    • Room on Wednesday Pinni A1078.
    • Room on Thursday Pinni B3109.

    2. ADHD & Asperger syndrome and good practices

    • Tutor Juha Nieminen, Student psychologist from The University of Helsinki.
    • Room on Wednesday Pinni B3118.
    • Room on Thursday Pinni B3118.

    3. Dyslexia and good practices

    • Tutor Heli Turja from Finnish diverse learners' association.
    • Room on Wednesday Pinni B3110.
    • Room on Thursday Pinni B3117.

    4. Good practices in composing equality plans

    • Tutor Panu Artemjeff, project manager, from the Ministry of the Interior.
    • Room on Wednesday Pinni B3111.
    • Room on Thursday Pinni B4115.

    5. Inclusive teaching is good practice & What every student should know of inclusion

    • Inclusive teaching is good practice on Wednesday: Tutor Alison Cox, Brite Centre, Edinburgh. Room Pinni A2093.
    • What every student should know of inclusion on Thursday: Tutor Anne-Dore Stein, Evangelische Fachhocschule, Darmstadt. Room Pinni B3030.

    Online working

    Most of the workshops start their work in online environment already in March. Participation is voluntary and highly recommended. Participants registrated to online working will receive further information during week 11.

    Registration and further information

    Further information:


    The seminar and seminar party are free for the participants. Restaurant Minerva offers lunch for the price of 3,5 € - 6,95 €. Ravintola Minerva.

    Seminar speakers and tutors

    There are 1-4 expert tutors who give short presentations in workshops, especially on Wednesday. Further details on tutors available during week 11.

    Location and Travel info

    The seminar is held in the University of Tampere, mainly in building Pinni B.

    Pinni B, -location in the campus.

    The route from the railway station to Pinni B: Ratapihankatu - Kanslerinrinne 1 the route on Google Maps.


    The hotels near the university are: Hotel Villa (on Sumeliuksenkatu), Holiday Inn Tampere (on Yliopistonkatu) and Hotel Cumulus (on Koskikatu) and Scandic Tampere City (on Rautatiekatu). Further details concerning hotel accommodation: The hotels in Tampere region

    Seminars in English

    Seminar On Human Rights and Persons with Disabilities in Higher Education

    2 December 2009 at 11.00 - 16.3, PharmaCity, Lecture Hall 1, Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4, Turku

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    Accessibility is for everyone

    The third national accessibility seminar organized by ESOK project will be held in Helsinki on 6.-7. May 2009. The number of participants at the moment 112.

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